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Featured Artist:  Aaron Bucks

Aaron Bucks is a contemporary Christian music artist from Vancouver, Canada. Although he always gravitated towards music, the pressure to pursue a conventional career kept him from taking his passion for songwriting seriously. Instead he opted for culinary school, but used every weekend as an opportunity to play weddings, parties, lead worship at his local church. The encouragement from fans who’d heard him play, friends who’d heard his passion, and an old acquaintance who offered to fund his EP, pushed him to re-evaluate his career path.

Since then he’s released a full-length record and signed with BEC Recordings. His style—not quite pop enough for Jason Mraz but not quite folk enough for Jack Johnson—is representative of Bucks himself: laid back, positive, and full of life. When he isn’t working on music, he’s at home in Nashville, Tennessee with his wife and three children.


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