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Featured Artist:  Jon Neufeld

I am a worship leader, and a songwriter, and I live in Portland, Oregon. I work at "Westside: A Jesus Church” ( as a Worship director, and creative community leader. I wrote and recorded these songs with my friend Eric Lemiere over the last 6 months. They are a culmination of the last few years of struggle and uncertainty. In job, career, calling, and how to lead my family well. Trying to figure out my identity, and shedding some more layers of insecurity and fear.  I’m constantly learning more and more about how to live in the victory that is afforded us by Jesus, and I’m realizing that it’s a life-long lesson. I feel like overcoming adversity, is what is supposed to make us “different” as followers of Jesus. Suffering and trouble abound in this life, but we are reminded in John 16:33 to “take courage.” For HE has overcome the world. By His power, by His authority, by His breath in our lungs, and His life in our veins, WE are people that stand tall. People that are not knocked down by a Tsunami of suffering, pain or loss. But steadfast in our trust of a God who loves us, and always stands with us. These songs are a reflection of my attempt to “Claim” the freedom of Christ that I should be living in, but I don’t always feel or acknowledge. Embracing the tension between unmet expectations, and the blessing of a God who loves to give good gifts to his children. I hope that these prayers, and melodies draw people near to him, and cause walls to come down, hearts to open, minds to be renewed by the presence of the Holy Sprit.


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