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Featured Artist:  Landry

Landry is a Gospel Music Award winning Rap & Spoken Word artist based in Edmonton, Alberta. Though Landry’s ministry has expanded throughout western Canada, he holds immense value for his local community and is deeply rooted in his home church Christcity, Edmonton. 

Landry is set to release a new album in late 2018 with a sound that will resonate with our generation, but still bring his unique twist on things. Not only will this album display the genre of rap, it will also incorporate other genre’s as him and the Royal Studio team look to exhibit their creativity to its fullest in this project. 

Landry is confident that people will not have heard his musical approach to this genre. He’s excited to share the creative ideas and truths that he’s treasured in his heart for so many years.

Landry’s conviction is to know that all he is doing is pointing people to Christ – Young and old; Christian, or not; through the music, or through the words. He feels that if he has not accomplished that, everything he does means nothing.

Music started as just a hobby for Landry, but developed into a ministry to inspire anyone willing to listen.

God used Landry’s story, in the same way He can use anyone’s story. The aim is for every song to help people see that they’re not alone; that what they feel is relatable, but a God who is much greater than our feelings is for us! Every song you will hear from Landry will simulate legitimate emotion and accompany it with legitimate truth. Something we are all in need of.


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